Rejects heat from sunlight in summer
and retains indoor heat in winter

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Provides shatterproof protection against
accidental damage or attack

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Provides privacy and can replace
curtains or blinds

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The Benefits

  • Summer: reduces indoor heat from sunlight with as much as 80% while keeping natural light.
  • Winter: retains indoor heat by providing additional layers of insulation on window interiors.
  • Saves the environment by providing greater interior comfort and reducing need for indoor air conditioning.
  • Provides additional shatter proof layer of protection to window interiors for family safety.
  • Protects interior curtains, carpets and furniture from harmful sunlight exposure by cutting out 99% of ultra violet rays.

Why Choose Us

  • Our films are internationally tried and proven to be of highest technical standard and quality.
  • Our films are warranted against fading, peeling, bubbling or de-lamination from windows.
  • Our fitment expertise and service are recognised nationally across automotive and architectural industries since 1978.
  • We can fit window film to any window designs on commercial or domestic buildings.
  • We provide a full range of tint shades in solar, reflective, tinted and frosted films.

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